Do you like exploring Prague in a very comfortable way without wasting your time and energy? There is great news for you as you can order three-hour Segway tour via Prague. This is efficient amount of time to get to know the most important places and sights of the capital of the Czech Republic. The bonus is that you will avoid crowded places and just see all of those interesting places of Prague.

The Segway tour which suits your needs and expectations

This three-hour Segway tour is brand new and it is made to measure your needs and expectations. This is the best option how to get rid of the crowded city of Prague and how you can get to all those hidden treasures of the ancient city with modern spell which enable the visitors great views of Prague that are familiar only to the local people.

Why the tour is so favourite

The three-hour Segway tour is private – so this is a special occasion how to get the city just for you, your friends or your family. This tour is favourite just for the fact that you can enjoy the tour and a beautiful surrounding in peace and quiet and at the same time you will not miss the favourite sights and places of interest.

How to get rid of crowds

Through the Segway tour we will stop at a lot of interesting places and sights. Our fully qualified and experienced guide will give you sufficient information and it is up to you how you will use your time. So will have enough time and energy for a night out or for relaxing in one of the great Prague’s restaurants or bars just meeting new people and getting to know their features of character.