What If We have an offer from the street for the cheaper tour provided / by the other company

In Prague there are several tens of companies which offer their services. Over seventy per cent of them are owned by the Russian businessmen. Mainly these companies offer their services just in the street even though this is banned.

At the same time they provide Segway tours in Prague with the Russian guides so they are not always in the corresponding quality.

If you were granted a better prize this is does not mean that you will be given the better service. Our company has a lot of experience since 2011 and in addition we have our own, trained guides who are always native Czech citizens so they have efficient knowledge not only abouth the history but also about the present day.

The supervision on the safety during the tour is granted as well.

In case you want to save to your experience we wish you good luck and happy tour.

However, not always is everything about the price. Our high-quality services have their price and for your money you will be given more than only the Segway tour.

How do I recognize the authorized/Czech providers of Segway tours in Prague?

All of the authorized providers are member of the Segway Association. Mainly non-authorized providers show the address, email and phone on their establishment on their websites.

But to be correct they have to add even their company registration number or tax identification (EU VAT). According to these you can find the real owners of the companies on www.justice.cz

The question is why do not some providers show their registration number and they stay anonymous.

How to use Segway?

Segway is easy for using and driving. You can read our post about it: How to use Segway

Is Segway for children?

Yes. Segway is for all from 35 kg. You can try it free first before tour. Our guides will care about You and your group on tour.

Do I need driver licence for Segway?

No. In Czech Republic you don´t need it.

What is the maximum weight of the customer?

Maximum weight of the customer is 105 kg (with bag etc..)

What if we are less/more persons then we ordered?

Tour minimum is 2 persons, max is 8 persons, so if your group is within these numbers, everything is ok and we are ready to go. If you are just single person, then you could rebook the term, but still at least for 2 persons. If you are more than 8 persons, contact us by email: info@easysegway.com or phone ( +420724599559 ) and tell us how many persons wants to go for tour. For bigger groups we need to get another guide. For example, if there is 10 persons in group, the total price can be increased for second guide (counted between all costumers with same ratio).

What if is rainy weather?

In case of occasional rain it is possible to use a free raincoat. If the heavy rain doesn’t stop, it is possible to do rebooking the Segway tours booking for different tima or day. You can use moneyback guarantee for heaven rain.

What if we need to change the time of Segway Prague tour?

Contact us, tell us the voucher code/name and agree other free term. If it is possible, we will be happy to do rebooking for your term for Segway tours booking.

Any Questions? Contact us HERE