The best way to know Madrid: on Segway

We love to ride on Segways, but we also love Madrid. We think there is no city in Spain so cosmopolitan and yet cozy like a small town at the same time. If you move around the city like any other local resident, you’ll find that the people are friendly and open to conversations giving you a feeling of comfort and belonging.

The Spanish people,  and Madrid citizens in particular, are very direct; there is no doubt about that. They can seem harsh some times, as diplomacy is not there strongest virtue, because generally they say what they think and are honest in expressing themselves. They don’t feel the necessity for “beating around the bush.” There’s a local quote that says: “Bread is bread and wine is wine”, (which means they call things by their names, no more and no less) that is how they are. It is good to know this in advance, therefore, avoiding misconceptions of straightforwardness for anger or rudeness.

They also know how to enjoy life, dedicating a good part of their time to leisure and friendship. It is very common to see people in and out of the bars with drinks in their hands or putting them on cars parked on the street. Anywhere is good to place your drink or “tapas”, not forgetting their sacred siesta after lunchtime, more common on the outskirts of the city than in Madrid center, a recommendable and healthy habit which should be extended more throughout the rest of Europe.

One other advantage of Madrid is that this city is in the very center of Spain, making everything much closer, for example if you want to travel to Barcelona it only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes by airplane. Also, there are several cities near Madrid with large and lovely tourist attractions. Among these cities for example are: Salamanca, Avila, Segovia, Toledo…and many others not so well known internationally but yet so beautiful and charming that one has the desire to stay and live in each and every one of them.

And we cannot fail to mention the food! What can we say? Where do we begin? The topic itself is infinite and would need various articles to cover it. We can start by mentioning that the best chef in the world, Ferrán Adriá, is Spanish, which is not unusual. There is nothing like sitting at a tavern in the center of the city watching different dishes such as paella, snails, squid rings, lamb, ham and roast suckling pork…and naturally, some dishes are more expensive than others…but you can always enjoy a potato “tortilla” at the bar accompanied by a nice glass of Rioja or Riviera wine which can also be an exquisite pleasure.

One suggestion: The best way to move around the city is with the electrical device called Segway. This funny city means of transport is rented by Segway Trip Tours in the very heart of Madrid, in front of the famous and trendy San Miguel market. They also have different tours to different parts of the city, being the most famous their Madrid Río Segway Tour, the Retiro Park Segway Tour, or their Los Austrias Segway Tour, which visits the ancient city with its most famous monuments, like Palacio Real, Almudena Cathedral, Sabatini gardens, Debod Temple, Plaza Mayor…

When you visit a city there are many secrets which relate to its traditions that you can lose. For this very reason it´s better to visit Madrid with any of the nice guides of Segway Trip. They know everything about the city.

One of their guides has told us: “Riding through Madrid by Segway is our job, but above all it´”s a great pleasure! We love it! Therefore we are able to transmit this enthusiasm to our visitors in the tours we organize.


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