How to use Segway?

Segway is easy for using and driving. You can read our post about it: How to use Segway

Is Segway for children?

Yes. Kids can ride on Segway if their weight is more then 35 kg. You can try segway free of charge before the tour. Our guides will take care about You and your group on tour.

Do I need driver licence for Segway?

No. In Czech Republic you don´t need driver license for use a segway.

What is the maximum weight of the customer?

Maximum weight of the rider is 125 kg (with bag etc..)

What if we are less/more persons then we ordered?

Tour minimum is 1 person, maximum you can book online 20 persons, so if your group is within these numbers, everything is ok and we are ready to go. If you are more than 20 persons, please contact us by email: [email protected] or phone ( +420 799 799 313).

We have experience managing groups up to 80 people at once and we have enough segways for that.

Each 7-8 people will be accompanied by one guide in a safety reasons.

What if is rainy weather?

If it rains raincoats will be provided free of charge. If the heavy rain doesn’t stop, it is possible to do re-schedule the Segway tour booking for different time/ day. You can use money back guarantee for heavy rain.

What if we need to change the time of Segway Prague tour?

Contact us, tell us the voucher code/name and agree other free term. If it is possible, we will be happy to do rebooking for your term for Segway tours booking.

Any Questions? Contact us HERE
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