Kutna Hora and ☠ Sedlec ossuary

In Kutna Hora a Cistercian monastery was established in here in 1142. The monks had one important issue; it was the cultivation of the lands which were in the neighbourhood of monastery.

The brief history of Kutna Hora and Sedlec ossuary

In the 13th century (in 1278) the Czech king Otakar the Second sent Henry who was the abbot of Sedlec to the Holy Land in order to make the diplomatic mission. When he came back from Jerusalem he took a handful of earth from Golgotha (the place of the death of Jesus Christ) and he scattered it over the cemetery of Sedlec monastery. For this deed Sedlec cemetery became popular not only at home but in the whole Central Europe. For this reason a lot of famous and wealthy people wished to be buried in here. The cemetery in Kutna hora itself was enlarged because of the epidemics of plague which emerged in the 14th century and even when the Hussite wars raged (in the first quarter of the 15th century).


Kutna hora – Sedlec ossuary

In the 15th century there was built a church of All-Saints in Kutna hora in the Gothic style in the centre of the cemetery and under the church there were deposit bones from abolished graves in a chapel. The chapel itself began to be fulfilled thanks to a Cistercian monk since 1511. The charnel-house was rebuilt in the Czech Baroque style (between1703-1710) by a world-famous Czech architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichl. The style of arrangement of the bones comes from 1870 thanks to a Czech wood-carver František Rint (his name can be seen on the right-hand wall over the last bench and is made of bones). The ossuary contains more than 40 000 peoples’ bones. In each corner of a chapel there is a bell decorated.

The most attractive thing in Kutna hora made by Master Rint is the chandelier which is located in the centre of the nave and the chandelier contains every single bone of the human body. The other interesting pieces of art are two monstrances beside the main altar and the coat-of arms.

Kutna Hora and Sedlec ossuary belong to unforgettable places and worth visiting.


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