Why to pay for a Segway

Maybe you´ve already heard about Segway and maybe you think about renting it but you´re not sure if it´s worth doing. It´s also possible you´ve never heard about Segway. In any case, there are some advantages of it.

Segway is easy to control. Many people generally think it´s hard and takes too much time to learn how to ride it. In fact, it´s not. It takes only few minutes to understand this technology and after a short explanation you will be excited, impatient and the only thing you will want will be to start the tour immediately.

Segways are safe. If you have doubts, then don´t. Modern Segway technology has thought of men really deeply and the engineers designed it in the way that allows you to take control of it easily and don´t have to be afraid of falling down. The connection between a user and a machine is natural. It means that Segway´s reactions seem like your own. When you want to go right, you don´t have to make almost any effort to make the Segway move in the direction you want. After first move you realize it´s as safe as possible. However, you have to listen to your instructor and obey him – still, it´s a machine, not a toy you can use for example for jumping J

Segway is fast. Not as fast as a car, but you catch much more than when you go on foot and have time for other activities – for example taking a nap.

Segway is fun. There´s no need to say anything else – everyone sometimes wants to control something. It´s in your hands, you can race and try what Segway really can do. And finally, it´s a wonderful, unusual and unique experience.

Before each tour, all the instructors explain to users everything written above. They guide you during all tour and make sure everything´s fine. The most important think you should pay attention for is your and other´s safety – controlling a Segway is one thing, but watching for pedestrians is another one. Look around you and don´t forget – you are more powerful than people you are passing by.



Prague from another point of view

Are you interested in unusual travelling through the big ancient cities? Why not to rent a Segway then? If your answer is yes, then you should visit our office! We offer you four different Segway tours, which will take you not only to the Prague´s famous Old Town, the oldest and the most visited part of the city center, but also for example to the Prague Castle, Kampa island, John Lennon´s Wall and many other renowned places.

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