3 love things to do in Prague for beautiful day

things to do in Prague

When you and your family or friends are in the autumn or winter at Prague you will feel the atmosphere of colourful city which prepares itself for the snow. The leaves are swirling around your legs and looks like a light rain of colour. Get more things to do in Prague Today in Prague

Have a great time at one of luxurious restaurants in Prague
After refreshing yourselves with a cup of drink which is free you can talk about experience you have experienced in one of Prague’s best restaurants. What about having the delicious lunch or dinner at the restaurant that offer delicious autumn menu for a couple, for example Plzeňská restaurant Kamera, Triton Restaurant, U Rychtáře, Gourmet restaurant, Selský dvůr, Husinec etc. Pork roast with beans, bacon, blue cheese and baked potatoes is one of the options what to have in here. Enjoy typical Czech cuisine in the heart of the Czech Republic.

Things to do in Prague: Get closer to the soul of Czech people

Your stay in Prague will be even intensified by tasting its delicious meal and drink. Have a glass of typical Czech beer – Pilsen Urquell and you will get even closer to the soul of Czech people. History, culture, Czech cuisine will form a unique experience which makes you get back to the city.

Top things to do in Prague: Book one of the Segway tours in Prague

Enjoy a great trip in the heart of the Czech Republic – in Prague. If you are short of time, you can book one of our authorised and private Segway tours Prague according your needs and preferences. You can even book a private Segway tour to have a lot of time for your friends or family member and get to know about the history and also the present days of the city of hundred spires in the circle of your closest men.