Weather in Prague and the Czech Republic – Autumn

Autumn Weather in Prague

Autumn or fall Weather in Prague / Czech Republic is mild and wet and when there is the beautiful weather the season is often called as babí léto – the name is similar to Indian summer that comes earlier. “Babí léto” is a part of a year when there is hot and very nice weather and it is the last echo of the summer. Great autumn Weather in Prague for walking.

Weather in Prague for first month of the autumn – September

September is the first month of the autumn for Weather in Prague and we can expect the dusk at around eight in the evening. This month is usually the last chance when there is sun and hot and also the clear blue sky can even be seen which brings the feeling of mild and pleasant part of a year.

Weather in Prague for second month of the autumn – October

October is the month for Weather in Prague when the real fall comes as October is usually cold with the temperature from ten to fourteen degrees. You can expect the mix of the rainy weather and sun shine. It is a really nice part of a year as one can watch the colorful nature as you can see colors everywhere. Leaves turn red, brown, yellow and you can enjoy yourself walking in the layer of leaves under the trees. It is better to bring an umbrella with you in this part of a year.

Weather in Prague for last month of the autumn – November

The last month of autumn is November and the dust is around five in the evening. The mid part of this month is freezing and temperatures drop below zero. There is the day which is the day devoted to St Martin when there ought to be the first snow. It is expected that St Martin should ride on a white horse.

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