Download Free Prague tourist map

Download Free Prague tourist map

When you are in Prague it is advisable to get to know the most inspiring places and place of interest. To be sure that you can explore the city on your own it is better to have a map with you. So what about downloading the Prague Tourist map of the capital of the Czech Republic, the map of public transportation system, or a map of free WI-FI?

Prague has a lot to offer – from medieval architecture, modern spell, typical Czech beer or the recent history. The map will enable you to get to know all of the most significant and interesting places, top sights and other attractions, such as the Old town Square, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, or the Prague Castle. With the map the visitor will not miss the must-see tourist attractions. It will help the user to have a good sense of direction in the city.

Different Prague tourist maps

The visitors will have the opportunity how to get there thanks to the map of the public transportation (which will get the visitor anywhere in the city where he or she want to go) and when in doubt, the visitor can find the useful information about the sight, monument, square, or the festival very comfortable thanks to the map of free wi-fi.

The opportunity how to get to know the city with Prague tourist map

The visitor will be able to see the relics of communist and post-communist era, and last but not least the evidence of a real life. For people who do not want to plan in advance the map comes in handy as it offer significant amounts of useful information the visitors are looking for (for example what is cheaper and what is free of charge).