Enjoy Summer weather in Prague

Summer weather in Prague

Prague in the summer is awesome as you can enjoy clear morning and breakfast under a terrace canopy and at night there are lights reflecting the Vltava’s surface and all the sight and monuments of the city. This time is suitable for those visitors of Prague who long for exploring the city outside and there is majority of them so the city of Prague is pulsing with energy during July, June and August.

Summer weather in Prague

There is hot and sunny weather in the summer in here and you should bear in mind that rain is possible as well. When you take a small travel umbrella with you there is no need to worry about shower. As the days are usually warm, a light sweater or light jacket is sufficient in the morning or at night.

The dusk is around half past nine p.m. in June, 10 p.m. in July, 9 p.m. in August and in general the summer in the Czech Republic is quite mild from 20 to 27 degrees. The highest temperatures can climb to 35 degrees and sometimes higher for short period of time. These hot waves can be evident in July or August. During these months also the sudden showers or thunderstorms are usual so it is better to wear the umbrella to be prepared for heavy rain.

Summer weather in Prague – Clothes to pack

Take some jeans and some kinds of tops for your summertime visit of the capital of the Czech Republic. During the day only short and T-shirt is enough for to wear. Ladies can put on light dresses or vest and shirt. There is said that Prague weather is best from late spring to early autumn and crowds of tourist get thinner during the winter.