About the history of the Estates Theatre Prague

Estates Theatre Prague

About the history of the Estates Theatre Prague and its architectural style: This theatre was opened in late 18th century (in 1783). The Estates Theatre in the capital of the Czech Republic belongs to the oldest theatres in Prague and is built in finest neo-classical style. One can say that the building itself can be seen as one of the most attractive historical theatres in the whole Europe.

The spirit of the theatre

When you get inside of the theatre, you will be surrounded by the spiritual beauty and the finest works of art by many world-famous artists, musicians. A lot of well-known play writers, musicians, directors had unique effect on the Estates Theatre. And it cannot be express by words only.

The most towering figure of the theatre

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most towering figures of the Estates Theatre Prague. This musical genius influenced the theatre inerasably as his life and works had a great impact on the city in the middle of Europe. This great musician worked and also lived in the capital of the Czech Republic several times. He was working on operas that lately became a part of repertoire of the Estates Theatre Prague. For example the Marriage of Figaro was played in here in 1786 and in addition, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart conducted his premiere of Don Giovanni in the Estates Theatre as well (Don Giovanni constitutes a part of the repertoire of the theatre also in these days). His works or a selection of his most interesting operas can be heard throughout the year.

Where you can find the Estates Theatre Prague?

The theatre can be traced between the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. So the theatre is located only two minutes from them.