Gestapo Escape games in Prague

Escape games in Prague

Escape games in Prague are really sought-after team games. They allow its participants to experience German occupation in Prague. Run away from Gestapo and cover your tracks to save lives to you and to your relatives or others.

Active spending of your free time with escape games in Prague

Escape games in Prague – the active way of spending your free time and it is inspired by popular computer game. Thanks to the logical thinking, team work and resolution you should solve the story that is hidden in the shadow and you have to get out in the time limit of sixty minutes. This is a place full of tracks, puzzles, and locks. You will forget your everyday worries and you will check your judgement and sharp eye.

Locked in Prague escape gameWhat to expect from escape games in Prague?

Plunge yourself into the history of Prague during the second world war and choose one of the options. Are you interested in post-Heydrich terror? It is the 27th May 1942 and Europe is in the middle of the hugest war conflict of the times. There are only a few month since the first transport to Terezin and Germans are approaching Stalingrad. In Prague there has just made and attempt to Heydrich’s life.

Secretary of state K. H. Frank declared the curfew at night and Gestapo is impetuously arresting everyone who seems to be suspicious in any way. And the town is worried sick. In these hard times you will get in a small Prague flat of

Pavel Nový who has been just led away by Gestapo. Pavel has nothing in common with the assault; however, he has a greater secret which has to stay hidden. You have to reveal his secret before it is too late… Hurry up and save yourself and others! Gestapo is coming!

Price: 1250,- CZK for a team

  • The game is not suitable for people with epilepsy. 
  • Children under fifteen need to be accompanied by an adult.