Hostel One Prague or Old Prague Hostel? Get 21€ Voucher

Hostel One Prague

How to get cheap accommodation in Prague and in the whole world with 21€ Voucher. You can visit Hostel One Prague or Old Prague Hostel. For This year we have cool offer for You: Get 21€ Voucher for cheap accommodation in Prague

When you want to be a master of your holiday, journey, or just a trip you can choose the type of cheap accommodation and even the host. Do you want to share your flat with other people and save some money? You are welcome.

Exchanging notes for Hostel One Prague

Our system of exchanging notes verifies that communication between guests and host or hostels. The contact information will stay secret until the reservation is confirmed. When the guest will feel not comfortable he or she can inform provider.

The entire world

No matter if you travel or accommodate somebody System is here after each your experience. Airbnb hosts share their accommodation in 190 countries and in more than 34 000 cities. All what you have to do is to input your destination and the term of your journey and after that you can only discover places for your stay anywhere in the world.

Giving help to its customers

Airbnb publishes the photos of the offers, profiles, hosts as well as the rating for guest to help them with advising the most convenient type of accommodation. There are also created filters for seeking after the correct type of accommodation, price, or destination, for example private room or share room, the whole house, the whole flat. The interested person can even contact the host to understand the person who offers accommodation.

Choose the most appropriate accommodation

You can offer all types of accommodation no matter if you offer seaside resort  or a part of your living room. Entering of your offer is free of charge and when you feel that you can show your offer to the entire world, you can. You can be at home or hostel everywhere in the world.