Jan Hus – 600 years of his condemning and burning

Jan Hus

On the 6th of July 2015 we will recommend the death of the world-famous and popular thinker, priest, Jan Hus – he tried to unified nationwide platform. He will stay for the symbol of truth and invincibility.

Teaching and learning of Jan Hus

Hus was born in Hussinetz in the south of Bohemia (about 1369). He studied at Charles University in Prague – he was able to get his bachelor’s degree and he also became a master of free arts and was ordained a priest. Hus became a preacher at the new Bethlem Chapel. He also was the dean of the Faculty of Arts and also rector of the University. He was clever and talented man who was a leader who emphasised the moral issues.

His death but moral victory

In the 15th century the Catholic Church was supreme and it was not challenged.

The Council of Constance organized by the Roman Catholic Church sentence famous Jan Hus to death in 1415. He tried to reunify medieval theology in bohemia (central Europe) and for this he was condemn and then burned at the state. This martyr still remains in heart of people who are able to defend the truth against the obscurantism and radicalism without sense. So his legacy is still alive.

Jan Hus beliefs and influence

Jan Hus was a Catholic priest and scholar who was influenced by the English theologian John Wycliffe in his fight against the Catholic Church. Jan Hus proclaimed that personal faith is more than only blindly obeying the catholic authorities whose deeds were very often against the holy Bible. His supporters were called the Hussites (they were led by the towns of Tábor or Prague – their symbol was faith and salvation.

You can visit Jan Hus statue on the Old Town Square with all our Prague Segway tours.