McDonald Corporation history with Czech history

McDonald Prague

McDonald Corporation is a corporation that runs one of the world’s biggest fast food chains. It was found in 1940 by McDonald brothers who opened their first stall in California. In 1955 the corporation there became a boom of the organization when Ray Kroc overtook it (he was a son of Czech emigrants). Five years later the corporation was renamed to McDonald’s Corporation.

Hamburger as a symbol of a restaurant

The main article is a hamburger. Although it is not the only symbol of a restaurant. They stands for very strong and recognizable brand and it is a symbol of a business success. On the other hand, it can be linked with unhealthy life style and obesity.

McDonald’s corporation

A part of restaurants is not run by the corporation itself but it only provide the owners of single restaurants so called franchising which means the right to run their own restaurant under the symbol of restaurant. In majority of cases they do not own the restaurant but they only own the equipment, gadgets and so on. McDonald’s Corporation only controls the level of each restaurant and organize their common marketing politics and supply.

Massacre in San Diego

On 18th July 1948 there happened a massacre in San Diego. There came lately dismissed private agent James Oliver Huberty who became shooting to the customers of the restaurant and he killed 21 of them. However, he was killed by a sniper. Huberty’s wife took legal action against, but it was rejected.

Over the world

There were over 30 000 restaurant in 122 countries over the world in 2007. In addition, the corporation served about 47 000 customers a day. The corporation stays successful even some difficulties.