Prague Public lighting will help you out of trouble

Prague Public lighting

Lamps work like GPS. When in Prague you have a lot of interesting things to explore and when you are in the city for the first time, it is obvious that you can get lost in here. Do you have a map or navigation? No? In this case you can look at a lamp where you can see the unique number. What does it stand for?

Simple and effective way of getting around the city

The system itself is very simple. You do not need anything but the number. Each lamppost has or should have a unique id which is really helpful in dense urban development. It is more accurate than usual GPS or street names. The tags are easily to be found and in addition they are also well-lit so they can be seen even at night. Visitors can find the actual position according to the unique numbers on each lamp. There is no need to know street or the address. You can tell the number of a lamp to the SOŠ help line.

Do you have trouble in Prague?

Call Emergency Help line: 112 (Medic, Police, Fireworks)

Never get lost in the capital of the Czech Republic

Thanks to these unique numbers at each lamppost you can find out your actual position in the city. There is no need to know the name of the street or the address. You can only tell the name of a lamp to SOS help line. Each of the visitors can stay calm as the system of unique numbers on the lampposts will never let you down. The idea is really clever and simple and when the tourists will get used to it they will never use the maps in the future.  You do not take maps, navigations with you never more.