Prague Segway tours by locals guides

Family tour

When you are a foreigner and you want to know not only historical sights but also the customs and traditions of local people, you can enjoy our Prague Segway tours by locals guides.

Segway tour managed by locals guides

There is no need to say that they are skilled and fully qualified guides, however, they are also people who can answer your questions in your own language. You can discuss the Czech history, interesting facts concerning the Prague places of historical interest as well as famous Czech beer or features of Czech character. It is up to you which question you want to answer.

You can get even closer to Czech people, history and traditions

Our clients can enjoy spending a great time with our tours by locals guides who love Czech history, Czech country and even Czech traditions. For this reason you will get to know even closer to the heart of Czech people and to the core of the Czech history and traditions.

You can choose the right Prague Segway tour by locals guides which will be the most appropriate for you

Our Prague Segway tours are managed by local guides and they can be chosen according to your wish, you can choose among sixty minute, ninety minute or 120 minute one, you can widen your knowledge of Czech history and personality in your own pace when you choose a private Segway tour. This last option will give you much more opportunity to ask our local guides during the Segway tour you have chosen as many question as you want. And we will be delighted if you come back next time and enjoy another Prague Segway tours by locals during which our guides will be willing to share thier knowledge and sense of nationalism.