Private Segway Prague Spring tours with locals

Prague Spring

When the winter season is over and it is a start of a new year. And what about celebrating this happy and breath taking season exploring Prague on our Segway? It will be the change to be outside and get to know the romantic and historical town even thoughtful. You will feel the spell of the city in the centre of Europe which is waking up from the winter sleep with private Segway Prague Spring tours.

The Prague spring is coming

The spring is a season when everything and everyone is waking up from the winter hibernation and you will refresh yourself looking at the green parks that are full of people who eager to draw inspiration from the nature that was just been awaken. Grass grows and the snow is melt, the little daffodils and snowdrops announce the arrival of the spring.

Influence of a  Prague spring sun

You will feel the wholesome influence of a spring sun that injects new life into the entirely world. And the capital of the Czech Republic is also known for its gardens, beautiful parks and flourishing vegetation this will be a great chance how to get even closer to the heart of Prague and its habitants.

How to combine love for historical sights and breath taking nature

This is the right season for each of you who love a unique combination of history and nature. The ancient sights will be given opportunity to excel in the spring sunshine and the blaze of colour will become more apparent. So make use of a great chance how to be in the centre of Prague and enjoy the green vegetation in the town. And all of this will be arranged by a group that belongs to the group Asociace Segway that pays attention to the professionalism and safety.