Segway Prague Castle tour with the view of Prague

Prague Castle tour

Pass through the centuries at the Segway Prague Castle tourIf you want to know the answer to the question: Which is the largest castle in the word? You can be sure that the answer is – the Prague Castle! Visitors can wander around its museums and courtyards palaces all the day and at the same time he or she can admire the overwhelming beauty of the place which has been the seat of the Czech kings, emperors and also Czech presidents for more than thousand years. The castle grounds are dominated by the monumental St. Vitus Cathedral that is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe.

The symbol of the Czech Republic

So discover the secret of the symbol of our beautiful republic and also a place that makes the capital of the Czech Republic one of the most beautiful cities in the world with our Segway Prague Castle tour from 48€ per person!

A textbook of architecture

In case you are a lover of architecture your heart will leap for joy. The Prague castle is an exposition or a textbook of architecture. After Prague Castle tour you can see the Romanesque basilica of St. George (and you can admire its mystical interiors), the Gothic Royal Palace, the extensive Baroque courtyard, the Renaissance Summer Palace of Queen Anne and modern greenhouse in the Royal Gardens. Prague castle can offer its spell to each visitor. Be just carried away by the history of one of the most important monuments of the Czech Republic.

A beautiful view

The place itself offers beautiful views from the castle and you can see plenty of interesting places and monuments from this point of view. The scenery is breath-taking from this site. Who can forget the scenic view with Prague Castle tour on top of the city?