Sense of safety for everyone – Safety First!

Sense of safety

The safety is at the first place in our company. The Segway tours will be safer with safety helmet – for both for the clients and for the pedestrians as well. For this reason we only set off with safety helmet for our Segway tours. Not only is it one of the basic safety elements but this rule is also in the conditions of a proper member of Segway Association.

Safety for everyone – Avoid the possibility of getting injured

Riding without a helmet can be really dangerous. And in the case of fall but with the crash with the other member of the road traffic – the bike, the skateboard etc. No one can be affected and for this reason we avoid the injury thanks to the using of a safety helmet. Some non-authorised companies do not solve this problem and their clients are not forced to wear a helmet. But there must be said that this is the serious breach of the safety of the client and therefore these companies are only interested in profit and not for the safety of their clients.

Safety for everyone – The characteristic of our helmets

Our safety helmets are sheer and there is no danger that they would get all sweaty. Not only safety but also the cleanness is important for us as we always clean the safety helmet before and after the ride so you do not have to worry about the hygiene. Cleanliness is next to the godliness for us. The other mark of safety is that the safety helmets are reflective which is the most suitable in the late afternoon. As the Segway tour is suitable for couples and for families with children it is important for us to keep you safe and sound.