Shopping in Prague like locals

Shopping in Prague

A great number of large shopping malls can be found in Prague. They offer wide range of goods, such as grocery, there are boutique shops and they are usually open every day until night hours. So the shoppers do not have to worry about opening hours for shopping in Prague.

Go organic for shopping in Prague

However, there are small markets which offer organic food or other homemade products which are more and more popular in the Czech Republic as they are intimate and unique. Maybe they will be more attractive for you than typical marionettes or Russian matryoshkas which can be found in most of the souvenir shops in Prague (for example in Karlova Street).

The most sought-after souvenirs for shopping in Prague

There are many sought-after kind of goods or souvenirs, such as Czech spa wafers (which are really delicious), traditional liquors, for example Becherovka, or even wine or beer which can be served by a local Czech vineyard or brewery which makes it even more interesting. Crystal jewellery or gorgeous Czech garnets, typical cute wooden toys which takes you back to your childhood stands for the great present for your family member or for a friend.

What about books?

Even if it is located in the city centre, Shakespeare and Sons may be the ideal place to escape from the crowd of people and you can buy a second-hand book or even new one. It is an English bookshop but there are also French and some German, Spanish, and Russians books as well.

Go and buy fresh vegetables

When you want to eat healthy, go to Vitezne namesti, Jirak or Naplavka riverside where you can buy fresh vegetables, free-range eggs, bread from the local sources and organic when you get there on Saturday in the morning.