Split of Czechoslovakia in 1993

Split of Czechoslovakia in 1993

Whats happened before Split of Czechoslovakia? In 1991 more than 20 per cent of Slovaks wanted separation and some major Slovak parties were national. In 1992 the Czech Republic elected Václav Klaus who demanded the tighter federation or two independent states.

Split of Czechoslovakia

Vladimim Meciar with other leading Slovak politicians demanded some type of confederation. The tough negotiation took place in June 1992 and in July the Slovak parliament declared the Declaration of independence of the Slovak nation. Vaclav Klaus and Vladimir Meciar agreed on dissolving the country into two separate states at the Bratislava meeting. There was a poll in September 1992 and 37 per cent of Slovaks and 36 per cent of Czech people were in favour of the dissolution.

There was a question how to solve the problem to perform a peaceful division and on 13 th November the division of property between two lands was settled. The Constituion Act 542 agreed with the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on 31th of December 1992.

Why was Czechoslovakia divided?

There are a lot of reasons for dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The one of them is that the stated had different development during the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The other problems occurred during the era of communism. There was the success of Czech lands and rather big failure of the Slovak lands. Thanks to the constitution which came in existence in 1968 the Slovak lands had a minority veto. Another important fact was that the Soviet Union ceased to exist and the former Soviet satellite nation felt the lack of unity. Also the media pressure was important as well as the choice of Czech and Slovak politicians too.

The Slovak nation felt to be oppressed in the federal state and though that the independent state enables the Slovak people quicker development and stronger position in the whole Europe as well as the economic development.