Be surprised and have a seat in Prague

Surprised seat in Prague

There will be a special gift for everyone who wants to have a seat and take time to admire the view of Prague and its great sights, sports and cultural events.

Ninety tables for Prague -The city will place to the Prague streets and to Náplavka ninety tables and three thousand and forty chairs with the logo of the city of Prague. These ought to serve the citizens of Prague for recreation, get together and sit-down.

Form of relaxation in Prague

The town chairs offer the new option how to use the public space and how to form the relation to it. It is one of the most significant parameters of a nice city, the city for the people, said the Mayor Adriana Krnáčová.

Better relation – In addition, this is the cheap and easy way how to make the capital even closer for people. “We will be glad if we get the feedback from the citizens of Prague and from the visitors in order they tell us how the location of the tables and the seats suits them and where else could the tables and the seats be situated,” added Krnáčová.

Where to have a seat in Prague?

Tens of black tables and seats will lured for sit-down, drinking a cup of coffee, reading a book, or having lunch, for example at Hořejší náměstí, at piazzet of the National Theatre, at Holešovická market, university campus, in Dejvice, or at Malostranské náměstí.

Cheap and easy way The city has chosen the easy and cheap furniture which is low-maintenance. We take into account that during the pilot project some chairs will disappear. In case the chairs and the tables will gain the positive reaction, the city will buy the additional furniture and some bike stands or grills too.