Be careful about the fraud in front of exchanging office

fraud in front of exchanging office

Be careful about the fraud behaviour in front of an exchanging office. What can happen? Foreigners in Prague can offer you banknotes from many different countries – they can be from Hungary, Ukraine etc. The banknotes can be passed off as Czech crowns. However, these can be false and you will have nothing – only counterfeit money.

Call the police

And even though you will call the police to investigate the fraudulent behaviour you can get into hot water as the thief will tell that the deed was the impact of mutual agreement and you will strand rooted to the spot and for the police it will be only your word against mine.

They will do nothing about it

And in this case they can do nothing about it. And the other screenplay will be even worse – you will not be able to find the person who sold you counterfeit money and you will stay alone only with the money which can be used for unhappy souvenir from the Czech Republic.

Avoid this troublesome and embarrassing situation

For this reason the best way how to avoid this troublesome and embarrassing situation is to exchange money in the exchanging office where you will get the real money and you can be sure that you can use them for payment and you can enjoy your visit of the ancient city with modern spell which lies in the centre of Europe without any trouble. So why to take risk of counterfeit money because of sparing little money? One has to be aware of traps and it is always better to avoid them than answer for his or her deeds. These fraudsters can deceive only people who are naïve and who are not aware of them.