Thieves steal the licence plates from the foreigners’ cars

licence plates

Thieves thought the other way how to earn money. They sell the licence plates from the foreigners’ cars to their owners. They know that without the licence place the cars are not allowed to use the road. For this reason the foreigners often use the offer which is located behind their windscreen: call back and you will get to know for how much money the licence place will be returned back.

The weird practice of thieves with licence plates

The thieves rely on the fact that the scared foreigner cannot use the car and get back home. So they often pay the demanded money. The police recently investigate tens of similar cases. In a single day there were over thirty tourists who went to the Police station in Prague to announce this case. Most of them called the phone number which they found behind a window screen. The blackmailer demanded several thousand crowns or five hundred Euros. These are deeds of gangs from Eastern Europe and the people who are drug addicted.

The costs of licence plates

The thieves know the fact that the foreigners are not allowed to use the car without the licence plate and the other option for them is to use the towing service. Even the cheapest towing services’ cost is about eight to ten crowns a kilometre plus loading and unloading of a car.

What is advisable to act with licence plates?

It is advisable to use the insurance of the car and terms and conditions of transport deal with the insurance company. The foreigner should announce all the circumstances and let them to issue the corroboration. In Schengen area it is allowed to go through the country with the corroboration of the theft of the car. The other option is to use the towing service and the costs apply on the insurance company.