To do in Prague: Czech Easter holidays

Spring weather Prague

Czech Easter  is not limited only to the welcoming of the spring, there is also religious meaning which was suppressed during the communism in Czechoslovakia. What to do in Prague on Czech Easter? In these days, Czech people are aware of the strong Christian meaning as they belong to the most important Christian event.

The meaning of traditions and customs

At the same time Easter is the time of fun. There is a lot of tradition to do in Prague, especially in the country and many regions have their own traditions and customs. However, some of them are widespread, such as Easter Eggs (kraslice in Czech). These are hand-painted or decorated eggs which are given by girls to boys during Easter Monday. There are nationwide Easter egg contest to be held in Prague.

Pomlázka as a symbol of Czech Easter

Another symbol of Czech Easter is definitely a pussywillow twig that ought to bring health and also the youth to girls and women who are whipped with them. An Easter pomlázka comes from the word pomladit which means make younger. It is being in use for long centuries by men and boys who went carolling girls. Long ago pomlázka was also used by the farmer’s wife to whip their livestock and people who maintained a common household.

Dousing a girl with water on Czech Easter

The similar to pomlázka was dousing. Dousing a girl with water should make her younger and fresher and the custom can be observed even nowadays in many Moravian villages.

Typical colour of Easter

Very common colour of Czech Easter is red. The red colour stands for a symbol of health, joy, happiness, and new life which comes to people and nature with the new season – the spring.

Even though Czech people are not as religious as their ancestors, many customs and traditions are still respected and honoured.

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