TOP 5 – What to see in Prague

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The Prague Castle is No.1 for what to see in Prague. a symbol of the Czech statehood and belongs to the most important cultural institutions in Prague. It was founded in 880 by Prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty and it is the largest coherent castle complex all over the world (it covers about 70,000 square metres). Its buildings and palaces have different architectural styles – Roman, Gothic style and it underwent significant reconstruction since the Velvet Revolution

What so see in Prague – Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge stands for a stone Gothic bridge which connects the Old Town and Lesser Town. Two main parts for what to see in Prague. The bridge was called the Stone Bridge. It was built during the reign of the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1357. The construction was the work of Petr Parléř whose work is also the St. Vitus Cathedral and it is said that egg yolks were added into the mortar. It was not the first stone bridge in Prague as Judith Bridge was built in 1172. However, it was badly damaged during a flood in 1342.

What so see in Prague –  Old Town

Old Town has a medieval settlement. The most significant places what to see in Prague cover the Old New Synagogue, Old Town Square, or Astronomical Clock. Across the Vltava River that is connected by the Charles ridge there is Malá Strana.

Prague Astronomical clock

Last tip for what to see in Prague is a medieval Astronomical clock. It was first installed in 1410 and the Astronomical clock is the oldest ones that are still working. It consists of the astronomical dial, the walk of the apostles, other moving sculptures (death striking the time), and calendar dial with medallions showing the months.


Josefov or Jewish quarter stands for a town quarter where used to be the Jewish ghetto of this town. This part of the city has its own flag. However, there are a lot of what to see in Prague.

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