Absolutely Top 3 famous & best jobs in Prague

Jobs in Prague

Prague is the city where there is a lot of job offer, especially for foreign students who wants to make some extra money. They have a large number of jobs in Prague positions from which they can choose according to their preferences, their skills, interests, or they can be jobs related to their future job.

Part time jobs in Prague

Temporary employees are the other sought-after group of workers. And this is also very appropriate for students who can work either in the morning or in the evening, two weeks per month or so.

What about a teacher?

One of the most often sought-after jobs is a teacher for nursery and preschool. They often prefer English native speaker who is able to speak and work with infants and toddler, is creative, positive and easy going.

Top Jobs in Prague: Working as a guide

The other from jobs in Prague which is suitable for foreign students is for example working as a guide. As he or she knows the city really well and they are able to hand over the information, feeling, and useful tips for interesting events, concerts, restaurants, sport matches and so on they can attract a lot of tourists.

Waitress for jobs in Prague

Foreign students who are responsible, truthful, and hardworking can be also waitresses for part time for jobs in Prague – one the restaurants of cafes which are plentiful not only in the city centre. In here they can practise their Czech language skills and also get to know the character of typical Czechs.

Babysitter for Czech children

English native speaker or foreign language speaker is often desired as a babysitter for little children. Parents are looking for native speakers who would like to play with their children, pick them up from the school, walk with them, and teach them basic English or foreign language as well.