Trams in Prague: Prague Castle Tram 22

Trams in Prague

The Prague Castle Tram number 22 and other Trams in Prague for Visitors who can explore the capital of the Czech Republic and at the same time save energy can use the tram number twenty-two. You can encounter a great number of tourists who get off the tram number twenty-two at the bottom part of the stairs to the Prague Castle on the eastern side of the castle. After that they can go slowly the way up. Use the tram No. 22 to stop to the Prague Castle, turn left and in 5 minutes you get the 2nd courtyard of Prague Castle.

Trams in Prague: No. 22 and its stops

Instead of going on a Prague bus tour, you can take a free tour on a tram. Take a free tour on a tram No. 22. Get on the New Town tram to ride over the river into the Little Quarter, then onto the Castle. Begin at the stop of Národní třída. Národní Divadlo is the next stop, then Újezd, Hellichova, Charles Bridge, Malostranská, Královský Letohrádek, Pražský Hrad, Brusnice, The Pohořelec. When you are at the Monastery at Strahov you can get off here and go downhill. You can do this journey in reverse. There are three terminal stations – Bílá Hora, Nádraží Strašnice/Radošovická, Nádraží Hostivař.

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The best way where to get off the Trams in Prague

For this reason the best place where to get off the trams in Prague is the higher northern side of the Prague Castle as the tram continues up the hill and there is comfortable and pleasant way to the main entrance of the Prague Castle. The visitor can stop on the western side of the castle which is a downhill wall, however, quite longer. Through this way you will be able to save your energy for exploring the Prague Castle.