Transfer from Prague Airport to City ✈

Transfer from Prague Airport to City

Get information for transfer from Prague airport to city– Unfortunately there is no direct train or tube transfer from the airport to the city centre, for this reason there are only buses, taxis, or minibuses the best options how to get to the centre of Prague.

The quickest way of transport

The quickest way of transport from Prague airport to city centre or to the nearest station of tube is definitely the bus line number 119 or number 100. When you want to get to the train station use buses of Airport Express. The other forms of transport are not as convenient for your. There is another advice for you – the last bus departures the airport around 23.40. So when you get to the airport later you have to use night bus or tram line (because the tube is closed after 24:00) and you can travel up to two hours to get to the destination.

Prague Airport to City – Buying a ticket

You should buy your bus ticket before your tour because the shops can be closed in the evening. Otherwise you can buy a ticket at a driver but he does not accept banknotes of the high value and the price of a ticket is higher as well.

The fare

The adults will pay 32 Kč and children only 16 Kč (when they will buy the ticket at a driver the adults will pay 40 Kč and children 20 Kč). The validity of a ticket for transfer from Prague airport to city centre is ninety minutes to all types of public transport. In case you have some large luggage you will have to pay for it 16 Kč.

Prague Airport to City – Taxi

There is another type of transfer from Prague airport to city centre – you can also use a taxi and there are a lot of taxi transfers. You can even choose the type of service: private transfers (without sharing), shared shuttle (transportation to and from your home, office, or hotel), or VIP limousines service (for a luxury transfer in Prague). Be carefull about some Taxi scams in Prague

There is variety of Prague airport transfers it is up to you which one will you prefer.