Visit and enjoy TOP4 Prague ZOO

Prague Zoo

On Wednesday 15th of July, the prestige travel site, published its top 25 zoo´s, an evaluation based on the opinion of millions of its users. Prague ZOO took 4th place, which confirms its global popularity!

The Prague Zoo history

Prague ZOO was opened in 1931 and you can visit it near the Trója Chateau. Do not worry about opening hours as the zoo is open all the year round. According to the Forbes Traveller Magazine’s World’s Best Zoos list it was on the 7th place.

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world again

However, it was badly damaged during the floods in 2002 it became one of the most attractive zoos in the world again. When you want to have a great trip you can combine the visit of the zoo with a river cruise on the way there or back to the city or you can see the beautiful Trója Chateau, or even the Prague Botanical Garden.

Great playgrounds for children in Prague ZOO

There are also great play areas for little children or they can view the train or use the short chair-lift. You can even visit the zoo with your dog which is on a leash. Children and also the other visitors can enjoy the animals from the animate distance so it is even more interesting for them.

Hot to get to the Prague Zoo?

There are two main ways how to get to the Prague Zoo. The first one is from Nádraží Holešovice (Metro C) to the end of the line at Zoologická zahrada or when you prefer the direct bus – so called Zoobus – you can get the one that runs from Nádraží Holešovice during the weekends or holidays in the summer season.

What about a steamboat?

The other option how to get there is definitely the romantic way by a steamboat one or both ways. People in love will appreciate this type of transport and children as well.