Visit Prague: Boat and pedal rentals in the Vltava River

Visit Prague

In the season convenient for sailing the providers of boat or pedal rentals offer special occasion for renting these great devices that allow you spend time in the Vltava River. Visit Prague and You can hire a boat or a pedal under the National Theatre (for example Slovanka and S.P.L.A.V. which are on Slovanský Island – just opposite of the National Theatre) as well and the main points along the riverbank can be found between Charles Bridge and the Jiráskův Bridge. This costs you less than a cruise and it is up to you what speed you will choose when you visit Prague.

Visit Prague – General facts

In general it can be said that the boat and pedal rental season starts in April and lasts into October when it is getting cold. In the winter months sailing is not permitted as it is not safety for the passengers because of water level or not convenient weather (too cold, windy, and rainy). Boat-hire Visit Prague Company will charge you on an hourly basis and you should be aware of the fact that you will pay about two hundred crowns for one hour. If you are non-swimmer or you are under fifteen you ought to wear a life jacket which will cost only a few crowns. The passengers may be asked to pay a deposit for boat and pedal rentals.

Visit Prague: There is no need to be worry

There are no skills to be required for rental the boat or a pedal. You may only be asked for your ID. It is taken for granted that you ought to use common sense and keep certain rules (disembark only at official stages etc.). You can check the map of Prague or you can answer the staff if you are not sure about something.