Visit Prague in 3 days with our TOP list

Visit Prague in 3 days

When in Prague for three days you shouldn´t miss Old Town which is the ancient heart of the city and it is full of tourists. One of the wonders is definitely the astronomical clock, the churches, or the cobble stone side streets. For Visit Prague in 3 days we have best to do list. You can have three hours for exploring the Old Town square.

Prague in 3 days: Prague Castle

The Prague Castle was the seat of Czech kings and presidents and stands for a gorgeous complex of churches, towers, gardens that offer great views over Prague. Saint Vitus Cathedral is a beautiful piece of art and Golden lane will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the ancient city.
Mala Strana
Mala Strana has a lot of offer – hidden gardens, cosy restaurants and cafes. And Kampa Park has great greenery for hanging out.

Prague in 3 days: Charles Bridge

The bridge is the world-known as an attractive stone bridge with sculptures from the 14th century with a tower on the either sides. Krizovnicky Square located on the Old Town is maybe the most beautiful square in the city and you can admire the bridge or the Prague Castle in the background.
One day trip to Kutna Hora
One of the most charming places near to Prague is Kutna Hora which can be found on UNESCO’s world heritage list and it is best known for the bone church, a cemetery chapel which is decorated with bones of up to forty thousand people. The bone chapel or ossuary in Kutna Hora is the most memorable for the creative arrangements of the bones. The Sedlec Ossuary is a little Roman Catholic chapel under the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec (the suburb of Kutna Hora). Kutna Hora is also known for the gothic cathedral of St Barbara or the old silver mines as well.