Weather forecast in Prague with

Weather forecast in Prague

When you are planning your trip to the capital of the Czech Republic, it is advisable to check the weather forecast in Prague to order to plan your stay in the city to details and have a good time in here.

You can use Prague weather forecast map

If you plan to explore Prague on our Segway, you can use the weather forecast map on our sites. You should be aware of such extreme weather conditions as freezing cold, and snowstorms, blizzards, heavy hail, or high winds. It is better to check our phone line and website too. We are able to shift your Segway tour for another day which will be more convenient for you (according to the weather forecast). The safety and satisfaction of our clients is the best cachet for us.

Mild weather condition in Prague

As the city of Prague lies in central Europe, the weather is usually mild with cold winters and hot summers. The most unpredictable seasons of a year are definitely spring and autumn. There are often rain showers in these parts of a year and it is windy and cold as well. This could spoil your unforgettable experience or even prevent you from your explanation of ancient city with modern spell.

Plan your trip with the Prague weather forecast map

Plan the trip according to the weather condition and get used of the best sights, cultural, and sport events, as well as the hospitality of local people. For this fact it would be a pity to cancel the journey because of the bad weather conditions. It is more convenient to plant your stay according to the weather forecast to be sure that you will be able to get to know the city the best.