When to visit Prague for great Holidays?

When to visit Prague

When to visit Prague? Prague belongs to the cities which can be visited in each season of the year as it has a lot of to offer.

When to visit Prague – Christmas in Prague

The best season when to visit Prague of the year is definitely Christmas. As you can feel the atmosphere of the ancient city with its traditions, spell, Christmas tree, Christmas markets and Christmas carols that can be heard from everywhere in the city. You can buy traditional souvenir, for example Christmas ball, wooden toys, liquor etc. People at Christmas stroll through the streets which are beautifully decorated and emit the cute magic of this period. When you are interested into the concerts, there are plenty of them at the theatres, concert halls, or at the churches.

When to visit Prague -Spring in Prague

The coming of the spring is another charming season of the year when to visit the capital of the Czech Republic. The trees are in blossoms and the nature is living again after the long winter break. People are everywhere in the city and get use the chance to stroll through the city, to the Petrin Lookout Tower, Kampa Island to have a rest, or enjoy the view over the Vltava River and the city from Charles Bridge which is full of street performers, such as singers, violin players, or painters.

When to visit Prague – Autumn in Prague

Or are you into romance? You can visit the city during the autumn when the leaves are falling down and each part of the city is so colourful that you can see its historic treasures in different colours and shades. You can walk through the Letna Park and enjoy the nature with is changing colours and smell of its ripen fruit. And you can end your day in one of the pleasant restaurants and sip a hot drink.

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