Beware on Fake Segway tours with fake Segway in Prague :-(

Fake Segway

There are many companies that offer their clients services that can be seen as very attractive and maybe cheap: However, be aware of the fact that some of them offer their clients the Segway tours that are being organized on a Fake Segway.

Fake Segway – What does it mean?

When you have arranged the Segway tour you should read the revise of former clients, you should read the terms and conditions, you should check the Segways that are run by the companies. The Segways that are official are safe for our clients and you can be sure that you are safe and sound when you are trained by highly experienced and fully qualified trainer. You need only a few minutes to manage it. These Segways are certificated and they are made for those urban tours. However, some companies make it possible for their customers to ride the false Segways that lack possible certification and that can be also dangerous to people who ride them. Best choice is go to Prague Segway tours with authorised providers and Prague local guides

Do not be taken in Fake Segway tours!

Do not be taken in and check the services of the company that runs Segway tours that appeals people by the low price and when you read the reviews of clients who rode these Segways it is possible that you will reveal the real state of things and you do not take risks with your health. On the other hand when you choose the organization that is double checked you can be sure that the experience that you will learn will enrich your life and maybe that you will come back again to Prague to explore the other sights, monuments, and landmarks of this glorious ancient city with modern spell.

Double check your Segway and bear in mind that health and experience is more important that the saved money.

Enjoy Prague Segway tours HERE with:

  • Best price and service
  • Authorised provider (100% Czech company)
  • Local guides – czech guides only
  • Additional service (free photoservice)
  • Free Water or Beer after tour

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