Prague Taxi: Ripping off customers!

Prague Taxi

Be careful about Prague Taxi prices. Mr Rubeš pretended to be an American tourist in Prague and he was really shocked as he took a taxi from Old Town Square to Wenceslas Square (which is about 2 miles) and he paid more than 40 dollars. However, it is important to mention that he only focused on a specific group of taxi drivers because the most of taxi drivers do their job well.

Prague Taxi Scam video

So he made an experiment together with his colleagues and with the visitors of the capital of the Czech Republic which took a taxi and paid for the service. Mr Rubeš followed the Prague taxi and checked how long the observed taxi went and how much did it cost. In one of those experiment the took the taxi from the main railway station to the Charles Bridge and the driver had a sign with 29 euros as a flat rate for the whole city centre. It was really ripping off the customers as the maximum price of the service should be 6 euros. In the next experiments it turned out to be very similar. Later they met the taxi driver again as he crashed.

Prague Taxi or cheaper solution?

Very important problem is Transfer from Prague Airport to City or at the main railway station ( Hlavní nádraží Praha) is that you have nowhere else to go and that there was not a taximeter in the Prague Taxi. In a couple of week they made more than fifty trips and the top of impertinence was the receipt with the name of taxi service: “Taxi Nasrat Prahu” – it means: Taxi Piss off Prague.

This is problem in Prague which takes more than 20 years. Who deals with this problem and what does it affect?

Can the city police do something about it? Yes.