To do in Prague? Go to IIHF World Championships 2015

IIHF World Championships

What to do in Prague? As IIHF World Championships 2015 in Prague is approaching people who love this sport are going to arrange the ticket, accommodations in Prague or cheap accommodations in Ostrava, and other proprieties that are needed. There are only a few months remaining to the breaking out of this world-famous sport event!

Group A and group B or IIHF World Championships 2015

There will be a group A and a group B. Group A (which means the teams of Austria, Germany, France, Latvia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Canada, and Sweden) will be seen in O2 arena (divided into a category 1, category 2, club seats, skyboxes, media, officials, wheelchair arena) in Prague, however, the teams from a group B (Finland, Russia, USA, Slovakia, Norway, Belarus, Slovenia, Denmark) will be seen in CEZ arena (divided into category 1, officials, skyboxes, wheelchair arena, media) in Ostrava.

The traffic between Prague and Ostrava

The traffic between these towns is arranged by plane, by train and by bus with the maximum duration of four hours. Prague will be not only the capital of the Czech Republic but also the capital of the IIHF World Championships 2015 which is held in the Czech Republic this year.


Enjoy IIHF World Championships 2015 Prague on Segway!

Do you want to see the attraction of the ancient city in the centre of Europe? You can use our fully qualified and experienced locals guide who will lead you via Prague and tell you a lot of interesting information not only about the history of the capital of the Czech Republic but also about the mysterious legends and the surrounding of famous sights. So you can have a complex idea about Prague in its unique beauty because the sport and historical experience will make a compact image of the city.