Unlock TOP 17 true & surprising reasons for Easysegway.com

reasons for Segway
  1. We (EasySegway.com) have experience with Segway tours since 2011
  2. We run only private tours already since two customers
  3. We can manage to adapt the tour to your requirements
  4. During the tour we take photos and the pictures can be downloaded via the Internet
  5. Every Winter Segway tour offers the hot drink. In Summer season Free Beer or Water
  6. Our guides are native Czech citizens with the knowledge of history and the present day – not Russian students
  7. We offer true and not distorted information mainly about the Russian occupation since 1968
  8. During the tours there are stops with explanation about the appropriate place. Some providers of Segway tours only pass by
  9. The training of Segway is for free and it is available for you to your chosen tour
  10. We use only original Segway i2 and no imitation or dangerous copies, such as Ninebot or WindRunner as the Russian providers! Read more about Fake Segway tours in Prague
  11. Our office is three minutes far from the Meeting point
  12. During the ride we appreciate the safety or our clients and also the walker
  13. We are the members of Segway Association Czech Republic so we follow fixed safety rules
  14. We wear the helmet during the Segway tour to ride safe and sound
  15. Our Segway tours Prague are ideal for couples, families and small groups of people
  16. We offer best prices for private Segway tours in Prague
  17. We offer favourable prices when booking online