We appreciate our customers – safety first!

Sense of safety

It is obvious that safety is the most important during riding our Segway. And because we are aware of this fact we pay attention to the safety during the Segway tours. Our fully experienced and qualified guides are able to give our customers useful information that comes in handy during the Segway tour.

Training is needed

Our clients are always trained riding the Segway before their own Segway tour. The training is focused on using the Segway as well as there is the testing ride in order or clients gained certainty and in order to they are sure about their abilities. They are also instructed in following the safety rules during each Segway tour.

Be safe and sound

The maximum speed of the Segway is restricted to about 9 kilometres per hour (which is stated in the law). Each of our clients has to keep the formation of a group in a single file during the Segway tour. And there is taken for granted that the safety helmet must be worn when the visitors of Prague use our Segway – there is no exception to this rule! Each of our clients should be aware that the safety helmet is needed and they have to wear it in order to protect themselves. Even though the client can be experienced with the Segway they can be knocked down by the other Segway rider, cyclist, or a walker who can be distracted. The Segway rider can be even fined if they do not follow the safety rules.

Be aware of the other Segway companies

In Prague there are also unauthorised Segway companies and fake Segway tours often run by the Russian companies with non local guides that do not follow the valid regulation and they do not pay attention to the safety of their customers.