Weather forecast for Prague – Spring weather

Spring weather Prague

Weather forecast for Prague in Each season of a year in the Czech Republic is really charming and attractive. However, when you come to the Czech Republic in the spring, the nature is in blossom, you can feel the smell of alive countryside with its colors, smells, and new born animals. The nature is back to live again.

Weather forecast for Prague – March

The first spring month is March. You can watch the sun set at about a quarter past six in the evening. And temperature sometimes drops below freezing. However, for the most of the time the snow melts in most of the Czech Republic. However, it can be sometimes chilly, mainly in the mountains where the snow can be always be seen.

Weather forecast for Prague – April

The second month of a year is April when the sunset is at about eight in the evening. The weather is really unpredictable in this month of a year and there is usually windy and the temperatures vary a lot. The old people often say: April weather is more capricious than a woman. Or In April, up to nine kinds of weather can meet in a day.

Weather forecast for Prague – May

The last month of a year is definitely May when the dust is at about nine in the evening. This month is really charming and attractive as the trees are in blossom and temperatures are from about fifteen to twenty-five during the day. To three days of this month it is reffered to be frozen brothers – they are Pankrac, Servac, and Bonifac – they are called to be “zmrzlici” (frozen), “zmrzli svati” (frozen saints) or “zmrzli bratri” (frozen brothers). It is the saying goodbye of the Prague winter weather. And the mild part of a year is just getting started.