Where is Prague located? Geographical facts about the Czech Republic

Where is Prague located

Where is Prague located?

To answer this question, you should know that Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia, which was divided in 1993 into two separate countries – the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The name was derived according to the Czech word – prah – threshold and its glory was foreseen by the mystical princess Libuse.
Geographical facts about the Czech Republic – Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe, however, it used to be spoken about the state as the part of Eastern Europe. The Czech Republic borders with Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and Austria. The Czech Republic covers the area of about 79 000 square kilometers and there is usually temperate continental climate.

The state’s politics is a unitary parliamentary republic. The number of inhabitants is a little bit over 1,2 million. However, the city of Prague has about one million residents. Its historical monuments, ancient and modern beauty attract the crowds of tourists every single day of a year. Prague stands for one of the most charming and fabulous city in the world.

Geographical facts about Prague – where is Prague located

Prague is situated in the western part of the Czech Republic which consists of three historical lands – Czech (which is located in the west), Moravia (in the south) and Silesia (in the northern part of the state). The capital of the Czech Republic lies on the Vltava River, at 50°05″N and 14°27″E. It is located in the center of the bohemian Basin. Generally, it can be said that the city of Prague lies at the same latitude as Frankfurt (in Germany), Paris (in France), or Vancouver (in Canada). The Czech people only take pity on the fact that they do not have any sea.